Region 7 Basketball D1 Prospects

Picture is De'marius Boyd of Walters State.  photo:
Picture is De'marius Boyd of Walters State. photo:

By: Sean Paul|JUCOWeely Contributor

Let's look at potential Division One prospects from Region 7. These teams all play in the state of Tennessee. Currently, Dyersburg is the Region's top-team with a 13-0 record, while Columbia State trails slightly behind at 12-2. Those two have no shortage of talent, but there's plenty of talent across the league. Three of the country's top 30 scorers will be mentioned in this report.


David Ware -  Chattanooga State

Ware leads Chattanooga State with 19.2 points, while hauling in 9.8 rebounds per game. The most impressive aspect of Ware's game is scoring efficiency, currently shooting 58.2 percent overall, 44 percent from deep, and 90 percent from the foul line. Anytime a player is in the midst of a 50-40-90 season, that'll earn you looks at the highest level of College Hoops.


James Flippin - Chattanooga State

Very few 6-foot-11 players in JUCO Basketball have better shooting ability than Flippin -- who's shooting 44 percent from deep. Flippin is the region's third-leading scorer behind Greg Gordon and Turbo Smith from Dyersburg. 


Jordan 'Turbo' Smith - Dyersburg

A 6-foot tall guard, Smith is showing out at Dyersburg — averaging 21.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 8.2 assists. Despite the smaller stature, Smith has explosive speed and outstanding playmaking ability. Dyersburg is the top team in Region 7, and Smith leads the team in several categories.


Greg Gordon - Dyersburg

The freshman will be a member of the 2023 JUCO recruiting class. Gordon's 6-foot-5 but provides the versatile defensive ability, strength inside, and relentless effort on the glass. Gordon's averaging 22.9 points and 13.1 rebounds in the small-ball four role. 


De'Marius Boyd - Walters State

Walters State's top scorer hasn't played since November 17th at Motlow State — but the 23 PPG scorer from last season has shown off that same scoring ability. Boyd scored a season-high 36 points earlier in the year.


Jamari Bostic - Columbia State

The burly 6-foot-4 wing has only appeared in three games this season. In 2020-21, Bostic shot 45 percent from deep, ranking number one among all players in Region 7. The size and shooting ability of Bostic will land him D1 looks. Getting Bostic back to a full workload will only help a very dangerous Columbia State squad contend for the Region title.


Alec Kegler - Roane State

Kegler's 6-foot-4 and has eye-popping athleticism. Roane State's star leads the team with 18.6 points per game, shooting 51 percent. Kegler's three-point percentage is only 31 percent, but a solid three-point shooter. The jumper looks reliable for a player only shooting 31 percent, giving me a reason to believe that number could improve as the confidence in the jumper improves.